Clear positioning of the Chinese glass industry to the world's leading edge

release time:2019-03-20 14:00:00

The seventh and third council meetings of China association of building glass and industrial glass were held in a timely and successful manner, and a new President was elected. The election showed that the majority of the members recognized the work of the association and trusted the leaders of the association. The atmosphere of the meeting reflected their confidence and hope for the future development of the association and the industry. Current flat glass industry benefits after reached record levels last year and some unstable, although some of the production line again, but most are not subjective as external containment, although the industry in promoting technological progress and has obvious progress in energy saving and emission reduction, but the lack of integrity and initiative, the more in this industry more should dare to bear, coping with all sorts of difficulties, seize tightly close down backward production facilities, enhance the level of technical equipment, increase efficiency of steady growth not relax. At this point, I would like to talk about the development stage of China's glass industry, where to go in the future, and what several key tasks to be done.

I. the current status and development status of the plate glass industry

This meeting is of great significance and function for the glass industry in China which is upgrading and developing, for the glass industry which is in the transition stage of transformation and upgrading, and for the glass industry which is beginning to move into the world's leading position and realize high-quality development. Why do you say that? China's glass industry has made great progress in terms of technology, equipment and product varieties, but it has not made a real breakthrough in the deep-rooted business model and development model that affect the high-quality development. The benefit of the glass industry have a certain increase over the past two years, but has not fully reach should get the benefit, in terms of self-discipline, in the interests of the industry is more important than the interests of the enterprise and development ideas in ideological understanding and has already had good start, but on the whole, from the height of the ideological understanding hasn't really reach the designated position, whether the original plate glass, deep processing, the expansion of the performance function, each type or industry culture construction are the key point of climbing. In particular, the concept of the business industry and the construction of industry culture than the hardware more lag, these problems should be more rapid breakthrough. Because China has stood up from the new era, rich strong to go up, China's entry into the world economy in the middle of the stage, glass industry, as a high technical content, modernization of earlier, the national level to compare attaches great importance to the industry, should take the lead in entering the world's leading campaign at the forefront, only know their own deficiencies, to clear the way forward.

Two, in recent years the glass industry four major progress and achievements

First, the technology of glass technology innovation promoted, especially the development of super white, ultra-thin glass, photovoltaic, energy-saving glass substrate, LCD, with the advent of transboundary advance the development of China's glass industry for 5 years to 10 years, also for China's building materials industry of China to create added luster, it opens a new glass applications, change the function of glass and performance, not only their own development also led to the development of relevant industries.

Second, China float glass the second generation of research and development success, the 70 s the luoyang float glass with disruptive technology revolution makes China's glass industry from the mechanization to modernization, the world three big one of float glass, and China's research and development of float glass to change functions, performance, and improve technical and economic index as the carrier and the tenet, and creating simultaneously, made in China and China in the new stage of modernization and intelligent, start from the world's advanced level into the world leading level. It has laid a solid foundation for the future progress and promotion of the whole industry and for increasing its voice in the world.

Third, implement the flat glass industry do hair [2016] no. 34, promote the reform of supply side structure to carry out a lot of work, in formulating industrial policies, standards, eliminate backward production capacity, production limit production to develop self-discipline, to develop new products, increase the new market demand, promote the structural adjustment and optimization, curb has made a lot of efforts in new capacity, the industrial structure and product structure optimization.

Fourth, energy conservation and emissions reduction, cost reduction, in front of the serious challenge of the original fuel is constantly going up, the economic benefits of glass industry in 2018 reached the best level in history, general industry profit is 5.7 billion yuan in 2016, on the basis of industry profits achieved 11.6 billion yuan in 2018, more than doubled to lay the foundation for further improvement and modification.