Application and advantage of laser-cut plexiglass

release time:2020-02-27 14:00:00

Laser cutting plexiglass has obvious advantages such as fast speed, high precision and accurate positioning. And in the arts and crafts gifts, panel lens case, model toys, advertising light box signs display supplies, packaging boxes and other industries have irreplaceable applications. Its advantages can be specifically divided into the following points:

(1) good cutting effect: the incision does not need to fire, very smooth, bright, no serrated lines, can be one-time cutting acrylic thickness of 20mm;

(2) Laser tube quality, long life: the best domestic machine laser tube, not only stable performance, long life (about 8~14 months), power 85W, package for half a year;

(3) The machine has excellent performance: it can work continuously 24 hours a day, the original Taiwan guide rail, accurate and durable;

(4) Fast cutting speed: such as used for cutting 3mm thickness of the acrylic plate.

This new method has several important advantages over the traditional mechanical cutting method. First, this is a one-step, dry process. The edges are smooth and neat, requiring no subsequent cleaning and polishing. In addition, the laser-induced separation process produces a high-intensity, naturally tempered edge with no minor cracks. By using this method, the unexpected crack and breakage are avoided, the defect rate is reduced and the yield is increased.

Laser cutting thickness and cutting speed

Three factors limit the cutting speed: the thickness of the glass, the thermal expansion coefficient of the material, and the output power of the laser. In this test, we used a CO2 laser with a 150W output power to cut the thickness to 1. 1mm glass, straight cut, speed of 500mm/ SEC. For comparison, the speed of cutting the same thickness of the same type of glass can reach 1500mm/ second. But even in speed-focused applications, the difference will be made up for by the economic and quality advantages of laser cutting. At the same time, we all believe that further process optimization and the use of higher output power laser cutting can easily improve the processing speed by two to three times.


Because the cracks are precisely traced by the laser beam, the laser-induced separation can cut a very precise pattern of curves. In fact, our experiments have demonstrated that the laser cutting can continuously and accurately complete the set pattern regardless of the straight line or curve, with the repeatability up to +50 m. So lasers can cut curves and 3d shapes with precision.